Wednesday, April 17 2013

Software Testing for Developers

I come cross this question very often while imparting trainings, that "Why a developer should be taught about the software testing?". This is a very obvious thought especially for a person who is new in the industry and has a mindset set to Development. It usually has a fear that probably we might move to the job of testing which is in their minds, an inferior profile.

But the total mindset for the same is incorrect. First of all, Testing is nothing inferior in comparison to development.

  • Better packages are offered to testers these days in comparison to their peer developers. This is true, and this is because of the kind of projects in the market. The industry is focusing more on maintenance kind of projects. The other reason is the data security. To maintain data security, more and concentrated testing is done for which skilled testers are required.
  • More onsite opportunities to testers as compared to developers. Testers are supposed to understand each and every minute details about the requirements, therefore, testers are preferred to come onsite for requirement transition. Testers are getting involved from the requirement gathering stage and they have started providing the better insite to the loopholes in the requirements.
  • People from testing background are preferred more for the profile of Business Analysts (BA) instead of those who were in development all their career. Hence, a better career ladder. The reason behind the same is the philosophy of the mindset of both. When requirements are floated among the developers and testers in a project team, the testers are expected to study and understand and remember each and every word of the requirement. In con trast, the developers are supposed to focus only on their specific module. This ends up giving an edge to the testers for the BA's profile.

The second question is, but "why developers should learn about testing?". The answer is simple, "to do better development". If a developer knows how the testing is done and what factors are kept in mind while doing testing, ofcourse, the developers will focus of such kind of errors and make sure they are fixed before the code goes into testing.