Web Designing Concepts


While getting a web site designed and created, there are various components which you can add. Here is a small lis to give you an idea what all can be part of your website:

Web Gallery - A gallery on your website will be helpful to display your products in a creative way. We will give you a mechanism through which you can upload the pictures with the description.

Testimonials - A section will be covered in one corner of you website where the various testimonials from your customers will be displayed in an animated way.

Feedback/ Contact Form - Every website should have one feedback/ contact form to get the contact details or feedback information from the customers/ visitors. The information will either be saved in the database or can be mailed to the owner/ webmaster of the site.

Hit Counter - Every website wants to knpow how many visitors are accessing their site. Hit Counter will keep track of the visitors.

Guest Book - You can ask the visitors to leave some comments in the guestbook for your company/ website.

Discussion Forum - You can also have a discussion forum where the customers can discuss their issues and ideas.


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